"I make obnoxious, hairy monstrosities, dedicated to the stifled and subdued emotions of frustrated and angry womxn worldwide. They are the embodiment of society’s confusing and contradictory expectations of how womxn should look and behave.

By giving each of my darlings a name reserved for the shaming of a womxn’s behaviour, I lead my audience to externalise and objectify the misogyny so deeply instilled in us by a patriarchal society.

In doing so, these insults and expectations are subverted and reclaimed by the femme, to be worn proudly as sickly sweet, grotesque accessories.”

Onejessa’s work has been shown at Scope International Art Fair at Miami Art Basel, In the UNTOLD international show in Melbourne's iconic Nylex Factory, and several group shows in Sydney as well as a Solo exhibition titled VIOLENT HARMONIES at M2 gallery in 2018. She has been a finalist in the Muswellbrook art prize, Kennedy art prize, Greenway art prize, Agendo art prize, BAM art prize, the 2018 See.Me takes Miami Art Prize, and the 2019 SEE.ME x ARTSY x AFFORDABLE ART FAIR NYC ‘Her-Story’ Art prize. Onejessa is represented by See.Me gallery in NYC. Her latest work is now available through the SEE.ME gallery via www.ARTSY.com

Onejessa x Nixi Killick

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MUSE: Izzy Voodoo

Photography: Filip Konikowski

MUA: Kat Margarita


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Mama Mantis, soft palms exposed.

From her blisters will blooms beget.

Let and let and let.


The Puss Pedestal


Wendy with the WIffy Bits

That organic bitch with the stinky pits.


Onejessa x Kat Margarita

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Garbage Guts Gretel

She’s got no class. Put a muzzle on ‘er.


Penelope Pincher

She’s mouthy. She’s tight as a fish’s arsehole.

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CocO The Shady Hoe




Inspired by untold moments of female aggression, Muffy is an interactive and multimedia monstrosity that engages all 5 senses of her audience. She is dedicated to the stifled and subdued thoughts and feelings of frustrated women.

The hanging chandelier, with her obnoxious pink fur and gold chains, sublimates society’s contradictory, confusing and ever-changing expectations of how women should look, behave and speak. 

From the outside, she appears ornamental, bold and majestic. A warbling soundscape radiates from her tiers. Familiar and nostalgic voices from popular culture coo melodic instructions on how to be a good woman, how to be popular, how to be happy. Hair brushes chained to the floor circling Muffy's edges invite audiences to groom her. The audience member connects with Muffy, performing one of the most intimate of human exchanges, and at the same time becomes complicit in her harassment. Does she not just want to be left alone?

Only once you come closer, and step inside Muffy's centre do you discover a secret world. Her unnerving breath reverberates around the claustrophobic chamber - revealing her repressed emotions. Muffy's lights, at each of her 8 candelabras, flicker in time with her laboured breath.

Muffy was designed and built with help from Andreas Lohmeyer, with sound design by Freudian Nip, and tech design by Caitlin Lomax.

Muffy was created for 'Untold 2018', a group exhibition of immersive installations created by 25 Australian and International artists, held in Melbourne's iconic Nylex Building. Proceeds from artwork, print and ticket sales go to the Reach Foundation.

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